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David R. | Dallas TX.
Google- August 2013

If you have a garage door or fence issue, call Lonestar Overhead Doors, with offices in Dallas & Allen. You get his personal attention. He provides service all over the metroplex. I called two other gate service companies, 1, I had used previously (don’t know why I called that company again. When our gate quit operating, they refused to come out on a Friday or Saturday. Left us with a 3 month old, $3000 gate that was not working – the devil you know…), no return phone call. First call to Lonestar Overhead Doors and they answered the phone, a human answers the phone! John listened to our predicament and made his recommendation. We called Friday morning. He made an appointment for that SATURDAY MORNING! He texted us to tell us he was running a little late (15 minutes) and showed up on the dot! He immediately got to work and was done in under 2 hours (installation of new gate operating arm, control box and remotes). And by installation, I mean he placed the anchor for the arm in a new location, installed the new key pad, and helped me set up the codes. He also programmed the remotes to our existing garage door & offered to return to program the other garage door. This is a family run company with BBB accreditation of A. No complaints in the last 3 years. In this world of voice mail tree hell and no return phone calls when the consumer is requesting their business, it is refreshing to find a family man, running his business at a personal level.
Thank you, John!

Linda S. | Prosper TX.
Angie’s List- August 2013

We replaced the spring and cables on one door and the spring on the other door along with some cable adjustments.  I called Lonestar Overhead Doors in the morning and spoke with Melissa.  She was upbeat and professional. After talking to her a few minutes and deciding that today would be a good day for someone to come out and look at my garage doors, she said she would check and get right back to me.  After a very short time, she called me back and asked me if 12-2 would be a good time for me to have someone come out…. Of course, that would be fine by me!  She told me the technician’s name was Eric.  I thanked her.  It was no later than 12:15 when Eric called me on the phone to let me know he was on his was up to my house.  He said it would take 30 minutes or so.  I think he got here by around 1-ish.
There were several things going on with the garage doors.  I had one double garage door and one single garage door.  The double door had a broken spring that I could see, as well as a bit of fraying on the cables. The single door had an original spring (fourteen years old) and every time the door opened or closed, the cable would get caught between the actual door and the wood trim… it didn’t look good.
Eric took a look at everything and explained to me what was needed to fix the immediate problems as well as the (cost) benefits of replacing the old spring on the single door.  Eric was quite professional, friendly and honest at the same time.  He could explain and show me the things he was talking about on the repairs, how to fix everything and what it would cost, etc.  If I had any questions, he was able to answer them in a way that I could understand.

I went ahead and had Eric install 2 new springs, one for each door, 2 new cables for the double door and adjust the mounting on the single door so the cable would not get caught when the door opened and closed. He left my house about 1:30-ish. Because my springs were dated and technology has progressed to a certain degree, the springs were going to have to be customized in length.  Thankfully, their warehouse is local and they can do it in-house.  That means …no waiting for a special order or delivery!
Anyway, he left and was back around 3-3:30.   Well Eric installed the customized cables and springs.  My garage doors both open and close great.  There is no crushing of the cable upon opening and closing. … All of this transpired in one day…I do not think I even called Melissa until about 10 am, either to get started on the whole thing!
An interesting note: I called another Garage door company earlier in the week. (Since they were the ones to originally install our garage doors and made one repair several years earlier.)  A tech came out and gave me an estimate and said someone from the office would call me back with information… They never did call back.  Their estimate for the same job was 100.00 higher. Plus, they were going to have to order the springs… which meant I was not going to have the same day service.
I would highly recommend Lonestar Overhead Doors to anyone that needs any garage door repairs or installation. They are polite and professional and honest and on time!   And they have no hidden costs! To have a straightforward conversation with a business or businessman and to have them complete the work in a timely, professional manner is what I prefer and expect.  That is what I got when working with John Coker’s Lonestar Overhead Doors!  Thanks Guys!

Jaclynn C. | Allen TX.
Angie’s List- September 2012

About 2 years ago is when I originally called Lonestar Overhead Doors for a garage door problem we were having.  The door wouldn’t close, and the person I spoke with kindly walked me through the process to fix it.  It was very simple IF you knew what to do and they graciously shared this information for free.  The next time the door wouldn’t close I tried the same fix as before, but it didn’t work.  I called Lone Star again and asked for an estimate.  They said it would be a $30.00 service call with a minimum of $89.00 labor.  They again started trouble shooting the problem with me over the phone and I was able to fix it myself.  They saved me another $119.00.
I recently needed to add a gate to an existing fence and I called them again.  I had all of the materials and I just needed the labor.  They came out and removed old posts and fencing and added two more posts to set the new gate.  The installation required two trips because the concrete had to set before they could hang the gate.  They charged me $300.00 to do it all.

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