Aluminum Commerical Garage Doors

Wherever light or aesthetics are important, or corrosive environments exist.

  • Car Washes
  • Restaurants
  • Body Shops
  • Retail
  • Automotive/Service Stations
  • Maintenance Buildings
  • Fire Stations
  • Boat Storage
  • Hazardous Substance Storage

Standard exterior and “partitioned” interior applications such as service stations, auto dealerships and restaurants that require high light transmission and visibility are satisfied by our durable and attractive full view aluminum doors.

902 2 1/8″ thick, Full View Aluminum with over 60 different glazing options.


There are certain things to consider when selecting the right track for your application:

  • Is there a room above or behind the door?
  • Is there racking in and around the door?
  • Is there HVAC equipment near the door?

Clopay has the track to meet all your requirements, whether it is:

  • Hi-Lift
  • Follow the Roof Line
  • Full Vertical

The bigger and heavier the door, the more elaborate the counter balance system needed. Call us to learn about all the springing options available to meet your specific application needs.

Aluminum Commerical Garage Doors Dallas-Fort Worth

Lonestar Overhead Doors & Gates sells and professionally installs and services aluminum commerical garage doors in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX.

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