Commercial Security Gates & Grilles

Commercial security gates and grilles in Dallas-Fort Worth are used for many applications. These range from shopping mall storefronts to shipping docks. They can be configured for simplicity and functionality, or for design and style.  Rolling Aluminum Grilles and Accordion Grilles are a great option where visibility is important. Whether you want customers to see your merchandise inside the store after business hours or if ventilation is needed we can install all types of rolling gates & grilles.

Scissor Gates are often used to secure a glass storefronts after the close of business or in the back warehouse where you need security when your roll-up door is open. Lonestar can repair, replace, or install any size gate you need.

We can also repair, replace, or install all types of Security Gates. These gates are often used as entrances to parking structures, parking lots, and other open areas that need security. There are various options you can add to the gate for access including card readers, barrier arms, and loop detectors.

Security Gates
Aluminum and iron gates provide a combination of aesthetic elegance and security to a variety of commercial and industrial properties. Security gates are commonly used for large industrial complexes that require perimeter security with automated access for employees or tenants.

Scissor Gates
Scissor Gates are designed for use as pedestrian or traffic control units in school corridors, institutions, and commercial buildings. They are also used as security units for driveways, storefronts, loading platforms, and warehouse doors. They allow ventilation without the loss of security.

Rolling Aluminum Grilles
Rolling Aluminum Grilles are designed to provide security and protection of openings without blocking vision, daylight or ventilation. Grilles are manufactured to combine attractiveness and strength using rod and link patterns constructed of steel or aluminum.

Accordion Grilles
Accordion Grilles are primarily used for openings with curves or restrictions for overhead clearances. Most applications are in shopping malls and spaces in buildings with access problems above the opening.

To find out more about our security gates and grilles in Dallas-Fort Worth, please email or call 972-400-0194.  We will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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