Custom Cedar & Wood Garage Doors

Lonestar’s custom wood and cedar garage doors are designed and built with longevity, precision, value and style in mind. While many companies in our industry have taken short-cuts, we strive to provide our customers with a superior product while offering affordability, durability, and most importantly — QUALITY!

Many companies will try to sell you the dreaded wood “Over-lay” where they overlay your standard steel garage door with wood.  This option almost always turns into a disaster over a short amount of time and customers feel short-changed after spending their money on such an un-reliable wood door option.

Our wood garage doors are 100% hand crafted from the highest quality materials available.  The door frames are built to exact specifications and the tongue-and-groove and varying design options are all applied to the door frames using the utmost care to ensure the highest degree of quality possible in the finished product.  Below are some standard design options that you may choose from, or we are happy to do custom designs…


Can these doors be stained?
Yes.  At the very minimum, a protective sealant must be put on the doors after installation.

What type of maintenance do these doors require?
Once a year, use WD 40 on the track of your opener to keep the opener running smoothly.  Doors should be stained every 3-4 years.

Are these metal doors with wood overlay?
NO.  These are 100% real Wood and truly a custom made garage door.

My door is an off size.  Does that matter?
We custom build your door for you.  We will need exact measurements to assure that your door is correct, right down to the last inch.

How do I measure my door?
We will need both Width and Height.
Width- measure from inside of jamb to opposite jamb.
Height- measure from the middle top of the opening to the floor.
Arched- you will need to measure each side from top to bottom as well.


To find out more about our custom cedar and wood garage doors in Dallas-Fort Worth, please email or call 972-400-0194. We will give you all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

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