A driveway gate extends home security to property boundaries, and in a time when people are increasingly worried about their security, adding gates to a driveway entrances has become a popular improvement. Having a secure fence and locked gate can be a great comfort, particularly if the house lies in a heavily trafficked neighborhood. In addition to its security benefits, adding a driveway gate also contains animals, marks property lines and makes an aesthetic improvement to the home.

Lonestar knows that there are several options when choosing a driveway gate, but the most common question is…Aluminum or Wrought Iron?¬†They both look the same but have very different benefits…

Aluminum Driveway Gates
One major advantage of an aluminum driveway gate is that it’s lighter and therefore puts less stress on gate openers, possibly saving you costly repairs down the road. Another great advantage is that aluminum driveway gates do not rust. They are generally much more expensive, but the durability and long term benefits may out weight the initial cost.

Wrought Iron Driveway Gates
If choosing a wrought iron gate, be confident in knowing that they are known for their strength and endurance, which make them less likely to bend or break. With today’s advanced powder coating options, wrought iron gates can become just as rust resistant as aluminum.

Either option can be matched with existing fences, pedestrian gates, and access control systems.


Lonestar works with homeowners, general contractors, architects, property managers, apartment complexes, HOA board members, facility managers, and business owners at all levels in the selection and maintenance of their electric gates to promote safety, security, and increased productivity.


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To find out more about our gate services, please email or call 972-400-0194.  Lonestar will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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